young Horizons
All we need is 90 minutes of your time

Is this your company?

  • You're a company with a keen sense of social responsibility. You care.
  • You’re proud of your company and you want to share its story with the next generation.
  • You can facilitate site visits to support us in our mission
  • You want to give back and support the community around you. 
If this sounds like your company, we need you. 

What we provide

  • An opportunity to help unlock the potential of youth in communities. To show young people that there are many options and opportunities in life that they can pursue, which are positive and fulfilling.
  • One-on-one tailoring sessions with a yH representative at your offices to ensure that your needs are met.
  • A yH representative and charity coordinators on site at all times
  • Media collateral for internal and external promotion and awareness
  • Coordination of the site visit under a tried and tested model

What we need from you

  • Desire to work with young people to help them reach their potential.
  • A liaison with whom we can correspond. 
  • 90 minutes to conduct a site visit at your facilities with young people to provide them with insight to the careers available.
  • Ongoing feedback on our processes to help us improve. 

Contact Us Today

As young Horizons continues to grow, there is a developing need for funding in order to create a sustainable not-for-profit organisation that helps children and young people across Ireland reach further, dream bigger. If your company is looking for new ways of supporting the community and young people, please contact us to discuss the CSR benefits of working with young Horizons. See funding options here.