young Horizons
Why yH?
An important element in the work of yH is the site visit. To date, we have organised site visits to Aer Lingus, RTE, Google, Simtech, The Ark, Croke Park, and the Defense Forces, with many more planned for the future. These trips prove to be hugely popular with kids and organisations alike. However, these occasions are about more than providing a great day out for local children.

As well as providing some excitement and stimulation, site visits support the yH mission of encouraging kids to dream and reach beyond their circumstances. All children deserve the opportunity to reach their potential. 
The site visit makes kids aware of the possibilities that exist in their lives and creates a positive link between schoolwork and potential employment opportunities.
With the support of our corporate partners we have been able to expose children to a wide range of employment situations. This provides the opportunity for children to explore various career paths first hand, while developing a sense of expectation that with hard work these paths are open to them.

We are constantly forming new partnerships with diverse organisations. If your organisation would like to help please contact us today.

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